The New Haven RR in 1959                 
                                                   ...gone but not forgotten

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My name is Peter Ness and I model the New Haven Railroad in HO scale.  My primary interest is the first half of 1959.  This period allows me to still run the Alco DL-109 locomotives in commuter service out of Boston, MA on the Old Colony, and also the first batch of FL-9's that were soon to end the need for the old Alcos. 

My secondary interest is late 1964 to early 1965, by which time the Fairbanks Morse CPA25-4's were gone, and the Alco RS-2's, FA's and FB's not rebuilt were being traded in for new Alco C-425's and GE U25B's.  I build models of New Haven equipment to the best of my ability when they're not commercially available...which is almost always,  I'll update this site from time to time to show some of my efforts which will cover rolling stock, motive power, vehicles and structures from these periods.  If you enjoy this period of the New Haven, I hope you'll check this site every now and then for changes.

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