The New Haven RR in 1959                 
                                                   ...gone but not forgotten

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My N Scale New Haven

In December 2007, Walthers featured a Life Like N scale New Haven train set complete with pack, track, structures, scenery and even an operating grade crossing for only $40!  Resistance was futile as I figured the cost of an LLP2K NH FA-1 alone was worth the price of the train set.  Here is what I received for my $40...well, not including the Plasticville HO scale station (which really looks "right" for a large urban N scale station to me) or the Auhagen HO (more like TT) factory building.  I've grown a bit attached to the operating crossing gate, but when I move to flex track, alas, it will go...

It took me a while to construct the Police and Fire Stations...

In the meantime, while the FA was great, I felt the need to ditch the other low-end rolling stock and add a few pieces. Below is a roster shot of my LLP2K FA-FB-FA lashup.  You can see an RS-1 hauling some upgrades freight cars on the rails.

Here are the 0400's hauling a freight.  Unit 0424 is on the lead.

The rest of the consist is mostly 17200-series TOFC (Trailer On Flat Car) flats from Atlas and Kadee, laden with M&M trailers.

Here's a roster shot of RS-1 0669 from Atlas

In addition to more motive power I've added some Com-Cor New Haven heavyweight (HW) passenger cars and a pair of LLP2K PA-1's.  The passenger cars consist of a 6-car set that includes a reasonable looking coach and baggage car.  Most of the others will require some rework of window arrangements.  As you can tell, I've begun to buy flex track, but I'm still a bit...ahhh...short.

Here's LLP2K 0773 leading a short passenger consist.  In addition I have a couple of older Arnold units; an F-M CPA24-5 and an Alco S-2 that I will have to strip the existing paint from, repaint and re-letter.  I'm hoping that Athearn produces a run of New Haven RS-3's in N scale, which will pretty much round out my roster needs for this layout...unless I add some steam power...  

I've also developed a layout plan.  It's based on a John Armstrong plan created for a 4'x8' HO scale layout.  I've "shrunk and stretched" it a bit so that rather than a 2'x4' N scale layout, it will be a 3'x6' layout once built.  Without sacrificing progress on my "real" HO scale layout too much, I hope to have this layout complete (perhaps unscenicked) by the end of 2008...

Well, that's a "tiny" peek at my other activities.  Look for this page to be updated later in 2008 when I have some progress to show.  Although the layout itself is ficticious, I am considering modeling 1953 and possibly running steam!